Boy finds penny in ditch

"I raised my boy right." - Proud parent

Local boy, Jeremy Turner of 103 Oak Branch St, found a penny in the ditch near his house on Thursday. Instead of pocketing his new found trease young Jeremy turned the penny over to the Zachary Police Department in hopes that the owner of the cash could be found. ZPD Sgt. Timmy Tompkins said the money will be kept in police custody for 60 days or until the rightful owner comes forward and correctly identifies the amount of cash found. If no one claims the cash after that time Jeremy can claim it for himself.

"I raised my boy right," exclaimed Hank Turner, Jeremy's father. "I know he could use that money right now, but he knows right from wrong. And he knows it would be wrong to use it for himself." Turner claims that his son is worried sick about the person who lost that small fortune and knows they are wondering where they could have misplaced it.

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